After Care in Early Childhood

Have your child join us for the optional afternoon portion of our Early Childhood program!


At the Brooklyn Waldorf School, we offer a program called After Care for our Early Childhood children. After Care is the last part of the day, from 3:00pm to 5:45pm, and is incredibly helpful for parents and guardians who are unavailable until early evening rather than at 1:00pm when the official school day ends. 

Given that it’s the end of a long school-day for children, the main goal of After Care is to create an environment where children can slowly wind down with their peers from the excitement of the day. Children are able to relax in a familiar and comfortable place, with teachers they know and love from their classrooms. 

The program begins with open-ended play from 3:00 to 4:00pm. To read more about what ‘open-ended play’ entails check out our article entitled “Early Childhood Daily Rhythm” describing the essential aspects of an Early Childhood classroom. Basically, it’s an hour of unstructured time to interact with friends under the guidance of teachers. Playtime allows children to develop their fine and gross motor skills, imagination and connective social skills. After Care gives our students the chance to participate in group activities that are similar to the daytime program, but slightly more open with more directional agency. 

The After Care teacher (along with help from the children) prepares a healthy snack for the class and they sit together around a communal table to munch on oatmeal, honey and fruit, quesadillas, or something similar around 4:00pm. With any time remaining, children return to playing, drawing, crafting, looking at books and/or resting. 

Every afternoon is different and tailored to the children – their energy levels and temperament on that day. After Care is designed to provide consistency and sensitive support for the children in the later afternoon, making them feel supported and comfortable within a rhythm they recognize and look forward to at the end of each day. 

If you’re an already existing Brooklyn Waldorf Early Childhood parent or guardian and are interested in signing up for After Care, email our Finance Director Corey McBeth at

If you’re not a current parent or guardian and you’d like to learn more about our programs for younger children, visit our Early Childhood or Caregiver & Child pages.