In-person, full-week classes are possible because our curriculum and trained, experienced teachers have the freedom and skill necessary to quickly adapt to change. This kind of adaptability is the living essence of Waldorf education. One hundred years of Waldorf Educational theory and classroom experience from around the world help us continue learning together.

Your child will enjoy our signature Waldorf programs with seamless safety-modifications that keep everyone healthy and learning. Look through the age-related sections below to see what you can expect.

Our Spring 2020 online learning successes were possible because of our offline fundamentals: long-term teacher relationships and high student adaptivity afforded by unmediated, subject-integrated learning. BWS learning sticks AND adapts. These fundamentals also provided for our 2020-2021 school year which was focused on in-person learning and a strong hybrid model for our Middle Schoolers.

We’ve seen the proof that BWS prepares children for whatever life presents. Whether we’re in our preferred, in-person learning mode, or creatively bringing learning online, your child will be well-prepared for every future.

“The claim for interdisciplinary learning is that parallel learning gives you advantages that series learning lacks. Those advantages may be: learning depth by fostering analogies; learning applicability by understanding context; learning flexibility by being aware of different modes of thought and ways of working; encouraging creative breakthroughs by using examples and models from different fields, etc.”
– Carl Gombrich, University College London