Waldorf Education

Waldorf education proceeds from the notion of the integrated self. Master Waldorf teachers infuse academic study with art-making and experiential knowledge, sustaining students’ spirits by offering multiple access points to subject matter. An emphasis on cultural knowledge guides this material, including ancient and world-wide traditions.

Creative problem-solving is at the heart of modern life. With this in mind, Waldorf teachers work together to mold a curriculum that prepares students to greet challenges with flexible minds and open hearts. Our students grow into individuals mindful of their purpose within their community and eager to be of service to the world.

In Waldorf education, the progression of learning follows a developmentally appropriate model of education. Because Waldorf class teachers move through the grades with their students, the arc of each child’s intellectual journey becomes clear. This, along with small class sizes, allows teachers to individualize lessons. The focused attention students receive generates an atmosphere of joy and discovery, a sensibility that guides their academic study through high school and beyond.


“Based on a comprehensive, integrated understanding of the human being, a detailed account of child development, and with a curriculum and teaching practice that seeks unity of intellectual, emotional and ethical development at every point, Waldorf Education deserves the attention of all concerned with education and the human future.”
Douglas Sloan,
PhD, Professor [Emeritus] of Education
Teachers College, Columbia University