May Fair: Dancing in the Rain

May Fair 2022 was a time to celebrate the beautiful unpredictability of Spring weather.


The May Fair is a longstanding Waldorf tradition. It is a festive celebration of Spring through the braiding of flower crowns made of raffia and dancing around the Maypole to folk tunes. Across the globe, Waldorf schools typically observe this festival on the first Saturday in May. Given the nature of Spring, the weather can be unpredictable, to say the least. This year, May 7th was a wet day – ranging from a slight drizzle to downpour and back again throughout the morning. Nevertheless, families, staff, and faculty gathered together to participate in the day’s events which included colorful flora filled crowns, Maypole dances performed by class, and yummy food generously donated by Brooklyn Waldorf School parents of Mimi’s Hummus and Rice & Miso.

It was a delightful time and many enjoyed seeing other families after years of isolating due to COVID-19. The jolly violin music in the rain, the willingness of adults to jump into Maypole dancing when classes were scarce, and joyful smiles on attendees’ faces young and old alike showed that the Brooklyn Waldorf School community was ready to celebrate Spring even in the damp and the cold. Can’t wait for next year; rain or shine!