Lower School Farm Trip: Take the Plunge

The Brooklyn Waldorf School Third and Fourth Graders took a week-long trip to Camp Glen Brook in Marlborough, NH.

During a chilly week in April, the third and fourth grade classes took a long bus ride to Camp Glen Brook in Marlborough, NH to spend the next five days together. It was many students’ and staff members’ first time at camp, and the experience made a lasting impact. The realization that they were no longer in a bustling city became apparent very quickly, the air became fresher, the scenery became greener, and the loud noises Brooklynites are so accustomed to faded away.
It has been a while since BWS has been able to take a trip like this, and both staff and students were excited. Early on, children were split into working groups named after vegetables: beets, carrots, celery and turnip. They did chores in teams such as dishwashing, taking out the trash, sorting out the recycling and the compost, and cleaning up after dinner. These groups were also how the students rotated throughout the day, from cooking to making maple syrup, to helping with the lambs and chickens, to planting seeds, to felting.
This courageous group completed two long hikes during their time at camp. They looked for walking sticks, turned frozen water into a slide, jumped in the mud, and played games while traipsing through the forest. At one point, a campfire was made and the children roasted apples and chatted with one another – a moment of contentment and camaraderie.
As the days passed, everyone became accustomed to the routine: wake up at 6:15am with the roosters and lights out at 8:30pm. Each meal was accompanied by a recitation or song ending in “Blessings on our meal and each other”. And every evening incorporated ‘sing a long time’ to the strumming of guitars in the midst of a picturesque sunset.
Perhaps the highlight of the trip for many was the Polar Plunge taken in the frigid lake. Chaperones and children alike bravely jumped into the icy water and bonded over the momentous event. They chatted and reminisced on the bus ride home before jumping into caregivers’ arms. There was an unspoken but unquestionable consensus that this trip to Camp Glen Brook would not be forgotten anytime soon.
Final Note: Thank you to Mr. Manny, a chaperone on the trip, for providing most of the details described in this blog article. Another huge thank you to Ms. Margolis and Ms. Casey for also accompanying the students on this memorable trip.
Finally, thank you to Maiya Clark from Camp Glen Brook for taking so many joyful pictures and sharing them with us!