Undoing Racism Organizing Community

The Undoing Racism (UR) Organizing Community invites all of BWS to co-create a beloved community where we grow our capacity and lens to embody antiracist liberatory ways of being in accountable transformative relationships.
Come join us. All are welcome.


“Racism has been consciously and systematically erected, and it can be undone only if people understand what it is, where it comes from, how it functions, and why it is perpetuated.”

– The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB)

Organizing History

We are grateful for the organizing history within the Brooklyn Waldorf School which has many stories, known and unknown, on our Undoing Racism paths towards inextricably connected liberation for us all. 

This iteration of our history begins with our relationship with Milta Vega-Cardona , then a core trainer/organizer with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB). PISAB’s foundational Undoing Racism Workshop has anchored us in developing shared language, understanding of race and racism and how to undo racism within ourselves, our children, and our community. Since 2017, we have committed across our board, faculty, and families to face history, to be in relationship in the present, in order to nourish a community  that liberates us all from the bamboozle of race and lived disparities of racism. Brooklyn Waldorf School provides an education that slows down our fast capitalist/racist pace to support our nervous systems, our spirits, and our whole human development. Grounding in the  development of our individual and collective souls, we are called to communal study – to understand and disrupt race and racism so that we may be in relationship, in practice, and in alignment with the liberatory visions and humanistic principles of Waldorf pedagogy.

BWS Undoing Racism Meetings

Grown from our debriefs from our initial URWs back in 2017, we have been meeting regularly. We usually start our gatherings with a meditative grounding & community guidelines and move into conversation, practice, or offering from rotating facilitation team. Since 2020, we have been meeting in affinity spaces and in whole community. All are welcome. 

Organizing Meetings – open to those who have participated in an Undoing Racism Workshop.

Affinity Spaces:

– BIPOC – Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latine/Hispanic, Arab, other folks of color

– White parents with children of color (led by Richard Nocera and Sarah White-Ayon)

– White

PISAB Undoing Racism Workshops

Undoing Racism Workshops (URW) have/are essential in developing shared language, analysis of race and racism living within ourselves, our families, BWS, and beyond. Truly transformative and in the ethos of Waldorf pedagogy. Many of us attend multiple times to grow our leadership. We encourage folks to register with people in their relationship webs.


UR Core Organizers URcore@brooklynwaldorf.org

Tiana Grimes-Wolfe, Chris Wolfe, Grace Nam, Sheila Shaw, Joyce Engebreten, Erica Newhouse