Grade 7

Along with the changes brought about by puberty, adolescents begin to turn inward to seek themselves. The student at this age experiences a conflict in wanting to be accepted by the group, yet recognized as an individual. New powers of intellect emerge as critical thinking blossoms. The seventh grade curriculum aims to meet these developments through the themes of discovery, exploration, and transformation.

Grade 7 is the second year of Brooklyn Waldorf Middle School and the first year of transcript letter grades that will accompany their high school applications. Middle School students continue to enjoy different subject teachers, access to after school clubs, enrichment activities and organized Phoenix sports teams. Students and families will also enjoy orientation and full access to our comprehensive high school admission program and advisor. Middle School options will continue to change over time to reflect and respond to student’s growing intellect, responsibility and maturity.

Each day begins with the in-depth main lesson.  Read how main lesson promotes learning.


The students study the Middle Ages and the dawning of the Renaissance, when, just like the budding adolescent, the individual was no longer content to accept things on blind faith or authority, but had to prove and discover things for oneself. Through the biographies of the great Renaissance figures, the students are inspired by the creativity and ingenuity that flourished in the area of art, politics, culture, and science. In addition to the writing and reading assignments, the students also spend time on their own renderings of the works of the great masters.

In connection to the history study, the students learn about the “Age of Exploration” in Geography. The focus is on the physical and cultural geography of South and Central America. The ancient Aztec, Mayan, and Inca civilizations are explored, as well as the impact of European exploration and colonization. The students also learn cartography and how the explorers used longitude and latitude.

Language Arts

With their growing capacity for critical thinking, the seventh graders read analytically, adopting techniques in their own creative writing and poetry. Additionally, lessons focus on essay writing, including organization of paragraphs, sequencing, and transitions. Grammar, spelling and vocabulary continue.


Astronomy is introduced in seventh grade as it relates to the study of the Renaissance. The students compare the theories of Ptolemy, Copernicus, and Galileo. They learn about the other planets and major constellations as well as the relationship between the seasons, moon phases, the tides, and the earth’s rotation. The students discover how to use the stars as a navigation tool.

Physics focuses on the study of mechanics. Through experimentation, the students learn about simple machines. They apply algebraic equations to the physical laws that underlie the science of mechanics and learn about the invention of these machines in the context of history. The students also further their study of acoustics, optics and electricity, which began in sixth grade.

Chemistry is introduced, focusing on the process of combustion. The students perform experiments that demonstrate the transformation of metals to salts and learn about the lime cycle.

Seventh graders are introduced to human physiology and anatomy, a field of study sparked by Renaissance thinkers such as Leonardo da Vinci. The students learn about the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and reproductive systems. Sexual education, health, and the effect of drugs are addressed in context, sometimes by a visiting nurse or physician.


In mathematics, the students are introduced to negative numbers, venturing into more abstract thinking.

Algebra begins, including variables, expressions, and equations, as well as scientific notation, bases, exponents, and radicals.

In geometry, the students learn to use the Pythagorean Theorem, the Golden Section, and the Fibonacci Series. The students use tools in perspective drawing, a synthesis of art and science originating in the Renaissance.

Specialty Subjects

Following main lesson, students engage in 40 minute specialty subject classes, interspersed by short breaks and lunch.

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High School Process

Seventh grade students and families begin working with the high school placement adviser to explore and prepare for the high school admissions process. See where BWS graduates are accepted to high school.