Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Grade 6 is the first year of Brooklyn Waldorf’s Middle School. Middle School students experience new subject teachers, access to afterschool clubs, enrichment activities, organized Phoenix sports teams and phased high school admission preparations.

6th Grade Course Descriptions

Grade 7 is the second year of Brooklyn Waldorf’s Middle School and the first year of transcript letter grades that will accompany each student’s high school application. Middle School students continue to enjoy different subject teachers, access to after school clubs, enrichment activities and organized Phoenix sports teams. Students and families will also enjoy orientation and full access to our comprehensive high school admission program.

7th Grade Course Descriptions

Grade 8 is the culmination of Brooklyn Waldorf’s Middle School and it begins on the first day of school with a Rose Ceremony to greet the incoming Grade 1 children. Students continue to extend themselves as they complete the high school admissions process and engage in their most challenging studies. The school community celebrates their hard work in a grand-finale graduation ceremony and reception. The students take their final bow at Brooklyn Waldorf in a moving and symbolic Rose Ceremony on the last day of school.

8th Grade Course Descriptions