Grade 4

Strong wills, boldness, and feisty natures are met and mirrored in exhilarating mythology while the study of local geography helps the fourth grade children orient themselves in space and time. Science becomes a more formal discipline now since children this age are able to distinguish inner and outer self with objectivity.

Each day begins with the in-depth main lesson.  Read how main lesson promotes learning.

Social Studies

The children learn how to make and read maps beginning with what is most familiar to them and expanding outwards. Through classroom activities and field trips, they explore the physical geography of New York City and New York State. Children will learn about the adventures of explorers such as Henry Hudson and also learn about historical figures such as Peter Stuyvesant, and the early beginnings of New York City.

Language Arts

Stories of Norse myths, from the Edda sagas, captivate the attention of the ten year old.  The colorful personalities of the gods, are a reflection of this stage of development.

There is greater emphasis on independent writing and grammar. The class reviews the parts of speech, and is introduced to verb tenses, as well as subjects and predicates.

While the class continues reading aloud together, more time is given to independent reading, and the children organize their thoughts on what is read in their writing.


Zoology is a focal point and children learn about various animals in the animal kingdom.  Through this study the child learns how each animal is highly specialized and uniquely adapted to its environment. Through the studies of animals, the child also learns how we, as human beings, are not specialized the way animals are, and thus have the potential to do many things.


Third grade concepts and skills are strengthened and fractions are introduced and more conceptual skills developed through word problems.

Specialty Subjects

Following main lesson, children engage in 40 minute specialty subject classes, interspersed by short breaks and lunch.

Read about the specialty subjects…..