Grade 2

The eight-year-old child begins to approach the world with sharper perception and begins to experience the different shades of human nature.

Each day begins with the in-depth main lesson.  Read how main lesson promotes learning.

Language Arts

Fables reveal human weaknesses and legends exemplify the noblest strengths of humanity.  In second grade children listen to stories of fables and legends and through their imagination, the children arrive at the important life lessons contained within these stories.

Second graders practice and expand skills in retelling of these stories and fables in sequence.  The children practice hand writing and are introduced to spelling and punctuation as they write summaries of these stories in their own Main Lesson Book.  By the end of the school year many second graders are ready to begin the process of writing independent compositions.

Reading continues as children read from their own work and begin to read a book as a class, each taking a turn.

Recitation of poems, rhymes, and tongue twisters continues to build a love for language, phonemic awareness, and clear speech. The children learn how to read and spell words in various word families.


The children continue to learn about the natural world through visits to the park and through gardening. Through the study of the seasons and the months of the year the children develop a sense of wonder and joy in the natural world.  The goal is for children to keenly observe nature and the rhythms of the year.


Place value, reading large numbers, problems in vertical form, regrouping, and strategies for mental arithmetic are learned through stories and concrete experience.

Circle games and exercises help the children learn and remember their multiplication tables.

Number pattern discoveries are deeply satisfying at this age and factors, common multiples, and prime numbers are explored preparing for the understanding of fractions in fourth grade.

Specialty Subjects

Following main lesson, children engage in 40 minute specialty subject classes, interspersed by short breaks and lunch.

First and second grade children receive many of their specialty subject lessons in the main classroom. Second and third grade students begin to move together with their class teacher to attend specialty subject classes in different classrooms located throughout the building.

Read about the specialty subjects…..