Grade 1

The inner and outer world are still closely connected for the seven-year-old child.  In the first  grade, children are introduced to the broadest and most elemental motivations underpinning human nature, development and social life. These themes and archetypes tend to repeat and reverberate throughout history, and thus lay a foundation for all later studies.

Each day begins with the in-depth main lesson.  Read how main lesson promotes learning.

Language Arts

The class teacher tells Fairy Tales and Folk Tales from various cultures, which offer the archetypes that provide children at this age a simple, but helpful way for them to comprehend the larger, more complex world.

Children gain exciting new exposures to writing the letters of the alphabet and simple sentence structure.

Reciting rhymes, poems and tongue twisters develop their ear for language and poise in public speaking. Writing and illustrating these poems learned “by heart” allows the children then learn to read from their own writing as a natural extension of speaking. Spelling and phonics are practiced through word games and activities.


Nature stories awaken a sense of wonder and respect for the natural world.  Walks in the surrounding parks and gardening activities develop the children’s observation and curiosity, building a relationship to their living environment.


Children learn all four operations and the inter relationships through delightful stories, manipulatives, rhythmic games of hand-clapping, jump roping, stepping, and jumping. Visual activities and exercises are still another way children might be engaged in math.

Specialty Subjects

Following main lesson, children engage in 40 minute specialty subject classes, interspersed by short breaks and lunch.

First and second grade children receive many of their specialty subject lessons in the main classroom. Second and third grade children begin to move together with their class teacher to attend specialty subject classes in different classrooms located throughout the building.

Read about the specialty subjects…..