After School Program

After School Programs

We are pleased to provide several popular and exciting after school activities for students of every age and interest. These programs balance grade school children’s enthusiasm with BWS’s educational values.

Our Spring Semester Programs begin on January 2nd. Please refer to the calendar below for dates and times.

Here is our After School Programs Calendar:

Please email Martina Bonolis with any questions at [email protected]

Private Instrument Lessons

Students in grades 3 – 8 are required to play a violin, viola, cello or double-bass; the school makes lessons easy by providing excellent teachers at excellent prices, in our building, after school.

Tuition for instrument lessons is $1,500 for families paying full tuition and includes 30 classes across the full year and 2 make-up sessions. Payment plans may be established and tuition assistance rates may be applicable for families who receive tuition assistance.

Instrument rentals are recommended through Johnson Strings which delivers instruments to our school and provides reliable instruments and service at competitive rates. Other rental plans may be discussed with the Music Director, Sibylle Johner.

Enrolled family private instrument information and registration.