Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach. – Albert Einstein

Volunteerism has been an intrinsic part of our community since our school was founded 10 years ago by a group of pioneering parents and teachers. Parents are eagerly invited and strongly encouraged to share their skills and capacities in collaboration with the school.
It’s especially important that parents and friends of the school take advantage of opportunities to serve the community and the children, creating in this process meaningful relationships with other adults and families.
All parents are asked to become active participants in the classrooms and in events across the year and can get involved through classroom service or by joining one or more of the many Parent Association work-groups.
Seasoned, qualified parents may be invited to serve the school as board members or committee members.  Still other parents serve the school as full-time employees.
Active participation in the collective task of building and developing the school contributes to healthy community life and the educational goal of helping the children to fully develop their capacities.