Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events

Simple, reverent, beautiful and sometimes lively, our seasonal festivals and events are traditions that lie at the heart of our school’s community.  These events coincide with the natural change of seasons and are widely considered times of reunion, celebration, appreciation and reflection. We rekindle connections with all humankind and nature as we mark these moments in time.

Seasonal festivals that follow the curriculum and mark the natural passage of time include Michaelmas, Lantern Walk, Spiral of Light, and May Faire.  We open our doors to the larger community of family and friends for our joyful and popular Winter Fair and Grandparents and Special Person Day.


Michaelmas is a festive occasion to mark the last of summer’s warmth and to celebrate new beginnings. Grades children travel together to a local park where they participate in organized cooperative games while younger children remain at school for seasonal stories and special activities.

Lantern Walk

Lantern Walk provides a twinkling reminder of our own inner light as the days grow shorter.  Early Childhood, grades 1 and 2 children along with their families and teachers gather at dusk in a local park and form a glowing procession with handmade lanterns and song.

Winter Fair

Winter Fair is one of our most spectacular, popular, full-participation events at BWS. Not-to-be-missed, the school bursts with activities including a royal feast in King Arthur’s food court and handcrafts of all kinds to purchase as gifts for the coming holidays.

Spiral of Lights

Spiral of Lights is a silent and reverent event to remind us of the light and warmth inside each of us as we prepare for winter and approach the shortest day of the year.

May Fair

Celebrating the arrival of spring on “May Day” – the first Saturday in May – we join together as a full community in a local park to picnic, weave flower crowns, enjoy a beautiful day and watch the children perform beautiful may pole dances.

Grandparents and Special Persons Day

We honor and celebrate our dearest non-parental relatives on this day and grandparents, who are heavily represented, relish  classroom visits, school tours and other special treats.