Brooklyn Waldorf School physical education curriculum is made up of various fitness activities. Joining a team fosters school spirit, deepens students’ social ties, and challenges them to achieve higher levels of individual skill. The broad level of support for our sports program over the years has resulted in a tradition of excellence.

Students in the Upper grades are introduced to team sports (volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton, fencing, floor hockey, running, ultimate football, soccer, softball, etc.), games, dance activities, Circus Arts and Bothmer gymnastics. These activities have the goal to both enhance fitness of the participant and to inspire a lifelong enjoyment of joyful and graceful movement. Assessment includes a threefold view of demonstrated behavior in class: (1) self-direction, (2) responsibility for self and others, and (3) collaboration and quality of work. Students should demonstrate perseverance in learning, using appropriate resources for problem solving, and readiness for class instruction. They must also demonstrate a stewardship of school resources and facilities, responsibility for personal actions, positive contributions to class and ethical and respectful behavior towards others. Lastly, students must be able to work within groups to achieve group goals and to show effective and responsible use of time.