Meet Our Faculty

BWS relies upon an energetic and dynamic team of Waldorf-trained educators. Our teachers come from around the world to share the wonders of Waldorf education with our Brooklyn-based community. Together, we learn from one other’s range of experiences and delight in each of our individual gifts.

Collaboration among teachers, staff, and students is highly encouraged, and BWS faculty work together with enthusiasm to care for the entire community. Maintaining such a mutually-supportive working environment ultimately helps our students develop their own sense of social responsibility.

Early Childhood

  • Gun Blue, Lead Teacher
  • Gillian Zagorski, Lead Teacher
  • Monika Stanislawek, Lead Teacher
  • Monineath Pen, Aftercare Lead Teacher
  • Elise Pizzonia, Assistant Teacher
  • Jenny Lee, Assistant Teacher
  • Cameo Brown, Assistant Teacher
  • Claire Christerson, Aftercare Assistant Teacher
  • Debbie Campbell, Assistant Teacher
  • Dawn Warfield, Parent-Child Teacher

Lower School

  • Monica Sibrizzi, Grade 1 Class Teacher
  • Emma Egan, Grade 1 Assistant Teacher
  • Casey Kealey, Grade 2 Class Teacher
  • Elana Margolis, Grade 3 Class Teacher
  • Monica Snavely, Grade 4 Class Teacher
  • Allison Stovall, Grade 5 Class Teacher

Middle School

  • Catherine O’Brien, Grade 6 Class Teacher
  • Kiana Ward, Grade 7 Class Teacher
  • Steven Simonak, Grade 8 Class Teacher

Specialty Subjects

  • Chris Castelli, Mathematics & Technology Teacher
  • Orlando Colón, Movement Teacher & Lower Grades Spanish Teacher
  • Finn Bell, Athletic Director
  • Jayanthi Bunyan, Music Teacher
  • Sibylle Johner, Music Director & Orchestra Teacher
  • Sean Brekke, Music Teacher
  • Emily Yue Xu, Mandarin Teacher
  • Aliya Khan, Upper Grades Spanish Teacher
  • Dorke Poelz, Crafting Teacher
  • Conor Klein, Woodworking Teacher
  • Chuck Nwoke, Language Arts Teacher
  • Kannan Mahadevan, Test Prep Teacher
  • Sophie Streitweiser, Librarian & Substitute teacher
  • Lindsay Robbins, Substitute Teacher

Learning Support Team


  • Naomi Nocera, Learning Support Specialist
  • Christie Byrd, Learning Support Teacher
  • Dr. Keneca Boyce, Guidance Counselor

Parent Association Chairs

  • Matt Dawson
  • Kristy McAllister

Board of Trustees

  • Randy Yuen, President
  • Alex Blades, Treasurer
  • Konrad Meissner, Board Liaison
  • Cynthia Hammond
  • Chris Castelli, Faculty Representative
  • Kojo Campbell
  • John Egnatios-Beene
  • David-Michel Davies
  • Tiana Grimes-Wolfe
  • Yvonne Perez Zarraga
  • Meggan Gill
  • Jelani Mashariki
  • Linda Ogden
  • Kristin Mathis, Pedagogical Representative
  • Christina Pantazis-Blades, Administrative Representative

Administrative Team

Admissions & Communications
  • Christina Pantazis-Blades, Admissions Director
  • Sheila Shaw, Admissions Associate
  • Edward Holtby, Communications Coordinator


Business Office
  • Lena Lvova, Business Office Associate
  • Annie Ng, Business Office Coordinator
  • Onsy Elshamy, Business Office Coordinator


  • Joseph Tsiporin, Building Superintendent
  • Luis Urueta, Custodian


  • Leecia Manning, Special Events Coordinator
  • Casey Griffin, Project Manager
  • Sean Brekke, School Operations and Library Coordinator
  • Justin Criswell, Front Desk Receptionist


  • Kristin Mathis, Pedagogical Administrator
  • Lindsay McLaughlin, Executive Assistant