AfterSchool Program   

 The Fall/Winter 2015-16 term of AfterSchool will begin on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 and the term will conclude on Friday, January 22.

The Spring term of Afterschool begins on Monday, January 25 and concludes on June 14.

Registration is available here.



(Mondays, Grades 1-4) An Introduction to the Woodshop, children will learn various wood working skills like sanding, gluing and measuring, as well as cutting and drilling for the older kids. Make fun wooden objects that range from incredibly simple to as complex as time, skill and interest allow. Great care will be given to using the tools and materials in a thoughtful and safe way.  Past years projects have included racing cars, swords, and stilts. $455 plus $70 materials fee


(Tuesdays, Grades 1-8) Capoeira is a rich and multi-dimensional art that teaches culture, language, music and encompasses a complete body workout. It is energetic and joyful and exposes children to a new language, music, movement and culture. In this class, children will become acquainted with all elements of this art form and learn new ways of moving their bodies in time with rhythm, play percussion instruments, sing songs in Portuguese, and gain confidence in expressing themselves through dance while encouraging the same in others. Capoeira attire (white pants, cord and shirt) will be required and provided by the teacher on the first day of class.  $525 plus $16 materials fee.

Children will be separated into age appropriate groups. “Mirin” (Little) will be comprised of children in grades 2&3. “Grande” (Big) will be comprised of children in grades 4-8. 

Circus Arts  

 (Wednesdays, Grades 1-8) Run away with The Brooklyn Waldorf Circus! Through physical games, obstacle courses and disciplined technique we will learn basic acrobatics, how to juggle, tumble, balance, walk a tightrope and ride a unicycle! Skill, technique and safety will guide us throughout this fun-filled class. Children will be separated into age appropriate groups and will practice different level appropriate fun and challenging Circus feats!  $525 plus $27 materials fee

Tap Dance 

(Thursdays, Grades 2-8) Tap dance, a percussive American dance form distinguished by the interplay of rhythms and amplification of sound by the feet, tap dance has been historicized as having a neat diverse parentage of English, Irish, and African musical and dance traditions. In this club, students will learn the basic vocabulary of tap and will also learn timing, musicality, leadership skills, and performance skills. They will also be introduced to Jazz music as it relates to current Hip Hop music.  $560 plus $16 materials fee

Handwork Club   Thursdays, Grades 1-4) $560 plus $25 materials fee
Taiko Drumming Club  (Fridays, Grades 1-4) $420 plus $40 materials fee


Enrichment Clubs are subsidized by the school as an adjunct to our curriculum. Enrichment Clubs have a materials fee of $100 for the term.

Sports Club  

(Mondays, Grades 5-8) Sports Club continues as part of TBWS Enrichment Program! From basketball to soccer, from circus arts to handball, we are looking to promote sportsmanship as well as skill development.

Math Enrichment Club  

(Wednesdays, Grades 5-8) Homework Help & Math Puzzles! Upper Grade students will be able to number crunch alongside our Upper Grades Math Specialist. Pencils, puzzles and paper will be provided as students multiply their mathematical knowledge.

Newspaper Club 

(Mondays, Grades 5-8) Students share their voices through contributing poetry, creative writing, illustrations, interviews and more in The Claver Castle Press. Students are involved in every aspect of the creation and distribution of this school newspaper; from writing, editing, design and layout to marketing and sales. Editors-in-Chief: Ms. Meijer and Mr. Pope.

Cross Country Team 

(Tuesdays and Fridays, Grades 6-8, Trimester Only) Our Athletic Director, Orlando Colon, will be leading a new sports team program in the 2015-16 school year. Students can participate in Fall, Winter and Spring teams, improving their sports skills and getting an introduction to competitive play. Our Fall team, running through November 17, is a Cross Country Running team. Students will have the opportunity to participate in monthly running meets. Students who are not able to participate in both practices can still join!

News & Events

7/1/2015 Annual Fund Totals
We did it! The BWS Annual Fund reached $300,000 with 100% family participation.