Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy

Program for 2013-2015

The Foundation Studies Program offers a transformative journey. We will seek to answer questions such as:

“Who am I?”
“What is my relationship to others, to nature, and the being of the Earth?”
“How will I awaken my right vocation?”
“Where am I in myself and in the wider world?”
“How can my creative thoughts and deeds influence world happenings and shape the future?”

It is an inner journey that will bring us to ourselves and out into the world.

We will study aspects of human development and cultural evolution, as inspired by Rudolf Steiner, by bringing areas of human knowledge into relationship with each other. We will build a context for our personal experience and find an inner ground of certainty in our lives. Transcending the belief that knowledge arises in the thinking mind only, explorations in a variety of artistic activities will support our studies.

The course of studies includes many subjects, such as Inner Development, Life Phases, Temperaments, Physiology, Fairytales, Cycles of the Year, Art History and the Evolution of Consciousness.

Working with Rudolf Steiner’s insights, along with artistic activities and inner work, the Foundation Studies Program will explore the nature of the human being- body, soul and spirit. We will work on our own biographies and seek the deeper meaning of life, striving to create new forms of practical work and community building.

This program serves individual development and also builds the foundation for professional studies in Anthroposophy, including Waldorf Teacher Education.

The program will meet two Saturdays a month. Each month, one Saturday will run from 9am to 5:30pm and the other will take place from 9am to 12:30pm.

Application and Fees

The tuition of this two year program is $2835 per year, plus a $55 registration fee and a $55 materials fee.

To apply, please complete the Foundation Studies_Registration form.

Questions can be directed to


January 11, 25*

February 1*, 8

March 1, 15*

April 5, 26*

May 3*, 17

* Half day. Subject to change



Program Directors

Brigitte Bley-Swinston, M.Ed., is an artist who has worked for fifteen years as an adult educator in the arts. She was a member of the resident faculty of Sunbridge College, New York, for ten years, where she taught in the Foundation Studies, Teacher Education, Early Childhood and Biography and Social Art Programs and developed and taught courses at the Rudolf Steiner Institute. She received her education as an art teacher in Berlin, and is an alumna of the Teacher Education Program at Sunbridge College.

Jennifer Brooks Quinn has been an adult educator for many years and was the director of the part-time Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy at Sunbridge College for ten years. She was also a co-founder of Lifeways in Spring Valley. She is a biography counselor, has offered courses and retreats in Latin America and the U.S. on themes of human development and biography. She also teaches in the high school of the Green Meadow Waldorf School.

Core Faculty

Sono Kuwayama is a graduate of the Applied Arts Program and Foundation Studies Program. She has been teaching handwork for 6 years and continues with her own studio practice and studies in art and anthroposophy.

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